2019 : Comr Chinedu Ogah OON for house of rep Ikwo and Ezza south Federal Constituency

Since January this year, the have been indications that comrade Chinedu Oga will be seeking an Election into the federal house of Representative to represent ikwo and Ezza south federal constituency and until last weekend when the rumour finally became a reliable truth as he traditionally accepted to contest.

The candidature of Comr.Chinedu Oga(OON) is a threat to many even the current “chief” representing the constituency.
The peoples comrade is a known name in Ebonyi politics and his capacity cum carriage is intimidating no wonder the other camp has resorted to prayers and spiritual incarnation to stop him from contesting.

The only prayer of chief Lazarus ogbee and his supporters is that ikukuoma does not contest and with every arithmetics the peoples comrade is possible of clinching to victory.
The truth is that as a young man,he has accommodated many, empowered,trained and shown passion in alleviating the plights of many homes in Ebonyi state.

No doubt about Comrade Chinedu Oga going to make a good lawmaker or representative. His vocality and shrewdness is well known to all.
Ebonyi state in general will be having one of her finest in the green chamber come 2019.
Ikukoma is good to go biko!

One thought on “2019 : Comr Chinedu Ogah OON for house of rep Ikwo and Ezza south Federal Constituency”

  1. ikwo/ezza constituency has found a worthy son who is tested and trusted a man who has left an indelible foot print in the life’s of ebonyians to represent them in the green chamber indeed IKWO/EZZA people has made the right choice they will live enjoy. our great comrade carry go we are solidly behind you.

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