OMG : Nigerian guy kill girlfriend, collect her private part for money ritual (watch video)

Nigerian young youth takes the life of his girlfriend that he claims to love for money ritual, but according to the social media publisher she said he killed her for yahoo business, in Nigeria today people engage in different types of bad act and at the end they label it yahoo boys doing, this is simply an act of wickedness that deserves a serious punishment both on earth here and beyond.

Read what the social media publisher wrote below;

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He just killed his girlfriend all in the name of Yahoo! And cheap huge money! Kill another man’s daughter, take her private parts, just to make quick cash.

How much can you make?????? Money to buy a good car, rent a big house, pop bottles of champagne, wear designer clothes that are expensive but don’t fit you; Are all these things worth taking another person’s life????? I wouldn’t even start blaming the girl or girls; because 80% of girls obviously want good life and rich guys; it’s normal. The sad reality is some fall in the hands of these idiots and animals…… THIS VIDEO BROKE EVERY BONE IN MY BODY. THIS IS SAD…………..

#Still on Jesus is Lord”

Video below ;

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